Sustainability ThinkTank is a collaborative dynamic educational space which invites you to a NEVER-ENDING ADVENTURE through:


Action oriented educational program
where you will understand

WHAT sustainability transformation is
HOW to make it happen in the practice.

Sustainability Community

Unity of people and organizations for development, support and co-sharing of sustainable practices.

Sustainability ThinkTank will support you in

Making your sustainability efforts successful and real

Turning sustainable practices into a business pragmatic part of your organization

Building a co-sharing network of experts tied with a common goal

Make a difference in your sustainability practices with Sustainability ThinkTank:
Synergy for your Transformational Trip
Starts September 21 - 2.400 € +  VAT

What is Sustainability Journey Program?

Sustainability Journey is an ADVENTURE through 12 interactive practically-oriented sessions led by international sustainability experts.

Sustainability Journey will provide you with

  • Understanding of WHAT sustainability transformation is
  • Knowledge about HOW to make it happen in the practice.
  • Feeling of CERTAINTY about your practical action plans to advance sustainability practices.

Sustainability Journey Design

The Journey format means that you are put in a special atmosphere to “travel” through the galaxy with 3 planets-Stations and 4 change points-Cosmic–Whirls.

During the Journey we “visit” 3 Stations - the main modules Context, Management and Environment where you

  • obtain holistic practically-oriented view and tools for sustainability transformation;
  • get insights about hidden stones in integration of various practices;
  • learn how to create powerful messages inspiring clients and co-workers to follow sustainability ideas, principles, values.

In between stations we get through the 4 Cosmic Whirls - game-format sessions Ready? Steady…Set. Go! where we

  • Set your mind-set transformation goals.
  • Play the Scenario Exploration System game for shaping future-oriented thinking on sustainability.
  • Consult with experts about your sustainability transformation plans.

The Journey is designed to be human sensitive but BUSINESS PRAGMATIC.
In the end you get the TANGIBLE results and feel CONFIDENT about your future sustainability transformation actions.

Journey Experts

Adrie Heinsbroek
Chief Sustainability Officer at NN Investment Partners
Ivo Matser
Vice President of IEDC – Bled School of Management, CEO of Academy of Business in Society (ABIS)
Arnold Smit
Head of Social Impact and Associate Professor in Business in Society at the University of Stellenbosch Business School
Wayne Visser
Professor at Antwerp Management School and fellow of Cambridge Institute for Sustainability Leadership
Pauline Bieringa
Managing Directorof Triodos bank

Are you ready to switch on imagination and “pump up” your vision of sustainability transformation?

Then we are taking you on our cosmic ship and starting the Journey!

What is Sustainability Community?

Sustainability Community is:

  • unity of like-minded people connected with a common goal
  • workspace for sharing sustainable practices
  • laboratory for experiments

We are building a Community to SUPPORT you on your way to make organization sustainable.

We are working towards the SAME GOALS for you to ACHIEVE SUCCESS in your practice.

Sustainability Community offers you to

  • dive into dynamical atmosphere of co- sharing & learning
  • become a part of ongoing development of your sustainability practices
  • build your path to inspire and motivate people to follow sustainability values
  • widen your network of sustainability supporters

Your voice in Community is important.

You are the one who can help others with their endeavours and Fellowship will support you back.

Sustainability Community Activities

Community offers you to join:

  • Conferences organized by WISE
  • Access to board of mentors
  • Sustainability breakfasts
  • Partnership fairs and other activities tailored for needs of our members.

We design activities in a way that you will

  • Look at problems and solutions in your practice from a different angle
  • Become flexible and opened to new actions
  • Reboot views on your practices